Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Typical English?

Like in most countries, in India gifts are a way of communicating respect, appreciation and friendship.

As such, we've been asked to take some little presents to give to our hosts and people we may meet during the programme. They should not be extravagant and ideally something typical of/representative for the country we come from.

So far I've excluded tea, alcohol and leather (all for obvious reasons :-) but have yet to have a brainwave as to what to take with me that would make a nice (as well as light, easily "packable" and typical) gift from the UK.

Any thoughts and ideas?


  1. Hi Nina - this looks really exciting - I am so jealous!

    We were in India earlier this year and the kids were desperate for pens, everywhere we went that's what they were asking for so if you take a good stock that should really help.

    All the best - I will be following your progress with interest!


    1. Thank you Paula! Will certainly take pens now - it makes a lot of sense as we are going to schools and have been told, there is very little materials there (and pens are also very easy to pack, something that's become more of a "must have" now that I look at the pile of things I'll need to take... :-)

      Other suggestions have been coasters (and it's amazing to see how many different coasters with the Queen, London taxis, and even corgies one can buy...), stickers (the children will love the sparkling ones with Union Jacks, I'm sure :-), magnets and keyrings.

      So, dear readers, prepare yourselves for some very cool Christmas gifts if I have to bring any presents back ;-)