Monday, 29 July 2013

The countdown has started... 10 days to go...

It's only 10 days now until we head off to India and it's all starting to feel very "real" now... The flights are booked, the vaccinations completed, our visas are sorted and I've started to wonder how I will fit everything into the suitcase... (and top tips from anyone on how to squeeze 4 weeks of packing into a 15kg bag are highly appreciated... ;-)

We have had some initial calls with the teams in India already (and got an idea of how reliable the phone lines are likely to be...) and are also busy sending some more information about us to the team prior to actually meeting them in 2 weeks time. Here's a little video from our team to our colleagues from the Essar foundation (please don't laugh:-)

Also, we are all busy blogging about the programme, so if you want to have a look at what the others who will join me in Jamnagar are saying, have a look here:

Elyse and her blog:

Gica & his blog:


This is Keith enjoying a cuppa- look here for his blog:

Malcolm and his blog:

And last, but not least, click here for Peter's blog:

The next update will be very shortly before I leave (or even after I've arrived in India) - can't wait to actually get to India after almost 3 months of preparation now.

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